Proven analytical methods are used to evaluate classification plans and pay practices. New systems address the need for internal equity, external competitiveness and legal defensibility. We assess the unique compensation needs of employees and managers which reflect management values, employee needs, culture, and organizational development strategies. CMS originates base pay and incentive plans for all job levels in the organization. Our management guidelines facilitate position evaluation and effective salary administration.

Conduct market compensation analyses either independently or using published or website resources.
Evaluate benefit practices as part of total compensation plan and model the organization's design to integrate employee preferences and market practices.
Develop defensible base pay structures and pay administration guidelines that can be used by managers and human resources professionals.
Create job evaluation factors and scoring plans used to justify different levels of management and promote internal equity.
Design incentive plans at all job levels to motive changes in individual, team and organizational performance and heighten profitability.
Establish performance increase costing methods and budgeting guidelines that promote internal equity.