Our performance evaluation programs are centered upon management goals, employee development plans and job requirements. We utilize a variety of communication and involvement techniques to create the performance appraisal system, administrative policies, and training processes. We also design 360-degree assessment inventories and employee opinion surveys to determine organizational needs. CMS establishes performance measurements at the individual, group and organizational level to attain long-term development plans. These plans can also be effectively integrated with the organization's compensation programs.

Establish performance appraisal and strategic planning processes that fit the culture, development goals, and business needs of the organization.
Design performance appraisal forms and on-line rating systems that are based upon job criteria, performance factors, objectives, and results using SMART techniques.
Train managers and supervisors, and orient employees as to their responsibilities in the use of new performance appraisal systems.
Develop and implement 360 assessment surveys that allow opportunities for self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and customer evaluation, based upon multiple raters.
Originate and administer in-person and on-line opinion surveys and customer satisfaction appraisals to appraise management and employee success, and coaching development needs.
Coach managers and supervisors using appraisal instruments and individual development plans in order to solve organizational problems and strengthen employee morale and teamwork.